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The World Bank Approves Aid for Lebanon

At the beginning of the year, in January 2021, the World Bank approved and accepted the United States’ $249 million project proposal to bring aid into Lebanon. The social and economic situations in Lebanon over the past several months and years have become desperately dire, and the United States, the World Bank and its parent organization, the United Nations, are all seeking to meet the needs of the many suffering Lebanese people.

Giving Back with the Greek Freak

For the past several seasons in the NBA, there has been a bright, blinding and rising star who has continued to awe and engage hearts across the world year after year: Giannis Antetokounmpo. But what makes the “Greek Freak” so incredible is not only what he has been able to do on the court, but also his experience and devotion to those off the court and back in his home country of Greece through the AntetokounBros Academy.

Beautiful Bountiful Banchan: All About Korean Side Dishes

At any Korean restaurant or any Korean home dining experience, more often than not, the table will be dotted with lots of lovely little blots of color; countless sides of small dishes to populate a delicious smelling table setting. These small dishes, called 반찬 “ban-chan,” are a staple of an excellent Korean meal and a deliciously fun dining experience. Korean cuisine is built on the principle that good food is meant to be shared and new experiences are to be embraced and cherished.

Entheogen: Cannabis

An entheogen, according to the Oxford Dictionary is a chemical substance, typically of plant origin, that is ingested to produce a non ordinary state of consciousness for religious or spiritual purposes. Cannabis is more than simply a drug or a plant. It is one of the most historically prevalent entheogens, and its influence throughout history is quite impressive. From India to the Caribbean, many have used cannabis not only to alter consciousness, but to experience something greater.

The Origin Story of the Blunt

Amongst the densely rich landscape of cannabis culture, the blunt, an enduring symbol of cannabis, has entranced and enveloped many smokers young and old. The weighted delivery of rolling a blunt and lighting it up. The camaraderie of passing it around. The deep high accented by the buzz of tobacco. The many songs to play while burning. The essence of what a blunt truly means is vibrant, layered, colorful, and deserves an origin story to match the mosaic. From the Silk Road to the Caribbean